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Jamison Door
Since 1906, Jamison Door Company has pioneered the industrial door industry with innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service. Jamison has Four divisions- each dedicated to producing the BEST In Class Products in the World.  Jamison services over 6000 warehouse, retail, and supply chain customers from three North American manufacturing plants; in Maryland, Montana, and Mexico City. Jamison offers fully-staffed engineering, customer service, and shipping departments. .  Jamison promises to continue its tradition of producing the highest quality cold storage doors in the industry.  It is a reputation we've worked hard to earn. And one we promise to keep.   

Jamison BMP - High Performance / High Traffic Fabric and Flexible Doors
Jamison BMP is a high performance door with flexible curtain designed for any application. Dynamic doors are equipped with an anti-crash system. After an impact the door automatically repairs itself. With single and dual thickness for insulated applications, mesh or clear view windows- and a maximum door size of 155 feet x 98 feet. Lots of flow? High speed? High Traffic? Temperature Sensitive? Not a problem- Jamison BMP has you covered.

Jamison HCR Cold Storage Air Doors
Jamison HCR is without question The World Leader in Re-Circulatory Air Door Technology.  With more than 30 years of field experience, HCR has proven itself with thousands of successful installations worldwide, and inside the facilities of the largest, most demanding and cost-conscious grocery and food distribution centers, food processing plants and refrigerated warehouses.

Jamison RFID Industrial Portals
Jamison's RFID Industrial Portals™ Division produces the world's largest variety of RFID portals, housing structures, mounting components, and custom designed enclosures that help track products using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) during the manufacturing process- and throughout the entire supply chain. Today, Jamison RFID is the leading Manufacturer and Integrator of Rugged, Purpose-built RFID Portals and Communications Enclosures for use in Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution and Healthcare/Pharma applications.


Healthcare RFID Solutions

RFID can accelerate cost-efficiencies, improve productivity, and lower risk in applications from the operating room to the medical supply chain.


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Download the RFID Catalog and RFID Portal Selector Guide

RFID Catalog                                    RFID Portal Selector Guide


Featured RFID Solutions

Jamison Mod3 PortalsMod3 Portal Cabinets include two Easy Mount® antenna brackets, reader plate, power outlets, cableways, white ABS Radome cover, and reader power supply bracket. Basic unit comes with openings for ¾" EMT conduit connectors, Ethernet connector and 10 ft. power cord cable.

Jamison Thin PortalsThin PortalsChoose from 60" or 78" tall fully-equipped thin portals in a variety of trim colors, equipment models, and accessories. Wall-hugger or wall-mount models available

Jamison Gnome PortalsGnome PedestalsDecorative wood grain or aluminum Gnome® pedestals offer high-read rates in office, commercial, retail, and institutional environments. Wall-mountable, and available in plug 'n play models.

Strip Wall Portal is the latest in small and lightweight wall-mount units is Jamison's patent-pending RFID Strip™. The RFID Strip is fully-functional out of the box using either power or POE.

Hawk Wall Portal is a small wall mount RFID unit for collecting tag data only, without additional alarms and electronics. At 39" long and 12" wide, the Hawk is lightweight and mounts quickly and easily. Simply plug in your Ethernet line and you are reading tags.

Mini-Hawk Wall Portal is a small wall mount RFID unit for collecting tag data only, without additional alarms and electronics. At 23.5" long, 12" wide and 2.5” deep, the Mini-Hawk is lightweight and mounts quickly and easily. Simply plug in your Ethernet cable and you are reading tags.


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Jamison RFID and CYBRA Announce Partnership
Jamison RFID Introduces NEW Mini-Hawk RFID Portal at RFID Journal LIVE! 2014
Portal provides a cost-effective RFID solution for the Healthcare, Office, IT and Asset Management markets
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How to Install RFID Systems Successfully



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RFID enclosures are ideal for Supply Chain Transportation & Warehousing, DoD and Wal-Mart/Sam's Club compliance, Cold Storage Applications, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution, Food Processing Facilities, Healthcare, Retail Apparel & Supply Chain, Consumer goods, Tires, Postal, Books, Manufacturing parts, tools, Archiving (documents/samples), Military Supply Chain, Retail CPG Pallet/case, Smart cards/Smart tickets, Air baggage, Animals, Vehicles, People (excluding other sectors), Passport page/secure documents